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Articles on the hot topics of the day
ppc advertising

It’s almost Halloween, and what could be scarier than wasted ad spend?   Even the most experienced PPC managers can be mystified when a paid search account experiences a sudden surge in ad spend. And unless you have very strict budget settings, this can happen from time to time.   While most of the time, a quick surge in ad spend is easily identifiable and is accompanied by an...

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Smartwatches are turning into the new “it” companion to the smartphone. They aren’t quite commonplace household items yet, but the technology is taking off and will likely be the next trend in wearable tech in coming years.   Smartwatches boast a screen-based UI interface like a phone. Whereas Google Glass isn’t easy to wear, smartwatches are more practical.   So how will these devices impact local search? As a...

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video shoot

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the exponential growth of video and social engagement, Vlogging and life-sharing is skyrocketing. Business owners and marketing managers can learn a lot from the engagement tactics every successful blogger uses. Here are the top 10 secret tips vloggers don’t want you to know.   But first, what is vlogging?   Vlogging is short for video blogging. Vlogs are a visual form of blogs, usually watched on YouTube. Vlogs...

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